2020 | Tai O Heritage Hotel Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with the Community
30 September 2020

10 Hospitality Young Leaders Programme participants and hotel representatives presented 800 gifts and visited the elderly to spread festive joy and care in the community


Tai O Heritage Hotel (‘Hotel’), converted from the Old Tai O Police Station built in 1902 and designated as a Grade II historic building, preserves the historical significance of the structure, it also connects with the Tai O community and helps to nurture future leaders in tourism and hospitality. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and spread festive joy and care in the community, ten fresh local graduates participating in the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme (‘Programme’) joined hotel representatives last week in presenting 800 festive gifts to villagers and visiting 25 seniors living alone or with limited mobility.


Opened in March 2012 and operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise with surpluses supporting site maintenance, Tai O Heritage Hotel is the first UNESCO-awarded hotel in Hong Kong. Working closely with the community, the Hotel has participated in more than 100 community programmes.


The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, which operates Tai O Heritage Hotel, launched the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme in mid-July, hiring ten passionate local graduates.  They receive cross-departmental and on-the-job training, including stints at Tai O Heritage Hotel. They also support an array of community outreach and engagement activities to promote sustainable tourism and cultural conservation, presenting the charm of Tai O to local and overseas visitors and supporting Tai O’s development.


‘Hong Kong is blessed with many committed and talented youth, who have the potential to contribute positively. The Programme provides a meaningful platform to develop aspiring young people by providing them with opportunities to learn practical, professional skills about hospitality and gain exposure to Hong Kong’s heritage and culture. We look forward to their energy and contributions to the Hotel and the community in a positive way,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, Director of the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation.


Dawn Cheung, one of the programme participants, is delighted to share her experience. ‘In the past two months, I had had opportunities to learn about sustainable tourism, hospitality and heritage conservation. I am happy to get to know many villagers thanks to my job. From conversations with them, I have learnt that what the elderly living alone need the most are care and companionship. It makes me feel good and happy to see them smile,’ remarks Dawn.


Candice Chan, another programme participant, is excited about her first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Tai O amid the rustic charm. ‘I am glad to meet many villagers through different activities and learn the fascinating stories of Tai O over the past two months. We look forward to contributing to Tai O’s development and helping people in need,’ says Candice.