2012 | ‘I Love Tai O – Colours of Tai O’: A Madame Hung Wai-lan’s Memorabilia Collection Preview Reception A roving exhibition in Hong Kong’s most vibrant fishing village
17 July 2012

To welcome summer and celebrate the splendor of local heritage, Tai O Heritage Hotel is organising ‘I Love Tai O – Colours of Tai O’: A Madame Hung Wai-lan’s Memorabilia Collection this July and August. At the preview reception at the glass-roofed restaurant, Tai O Lookout, a series of community activities and special food menus are being launched to welcome the public to the simple, tranquil and enterprising lifestyle of Tai O.


At the preview reception, Randy Yu, General Manager of Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation Limited (HCF) said he was delighted that Tai O Heritage Hotel has been positively supported by the government, Tai O residents, the general public, overseas tourists and the media since its opening in February; as of 15 July 2012, the Hotel has received more than 70,000 visitors. This memento exhibition is the collaboration between the Tai O community, HCF and the Hotel. To let more people experience Tai O culture, the Hotel will continue to encourage public engagement in different community activities and provide an art platform to showcase the ingenious work by Hong Kong and Tai O artists at Tai O Lookout.


During the event, Madame Hung Wai-lan introduced the five themes of her photographs, namely Daily Life, Generations, Leisure, Scenery and Celebrations and shared the stories behind those photos taken in the 50s. She also became the tour guide to lead the guests to five of the participating units and share the joy and agility in each photograph. Randy Yu, General Manager of HCF and Iris Wong, Project Committee - Community Affairs Development & Marketing of HCF presented the limited edition camera strap to Madame Hung as a token of thanks, for bringing this roving exhibition in Tai O.


To honour the academic effort of high-flyers, Tai O Heritage Hotel invited five students who scored distinction in five subjects from C.C.C. Tai O Primary School and presented them with certificates and the Hotel’s commemorative caps.


‘I Love Tai O – Colours of Tai O’: A Madame Hung Wai-lan’s Memorabilia Collection

To foster a sense of unity and community involvement, a roving exhibition will be hosted and organised by Tai O Heritage Hotel in Hong Kong’s most vibrant fishing village from 19 July to 31 August 2012. Titled ‘I Love Tai O – Colours of Tai O’: A Madame Hung Wai-lan’s Memorabilia Collection, the six-week exhibition presents a rare collection of 60 black and white photos, a montage capturing the customs and cultures of the fishing village, taken by Madame Hung Wai-lan since her teenage in 1950s. The photos reflect the 77-year-old pioneer folk photographer-historian-opera singer’s passion for her hometown, revealing its tranquillity from a woman’s perspective.


This memento exhibition aims at projecting the charm of Tai O that lies vividly among the personality traits of its village folks cherished through centuries – friendly, open and liberal-minded, enterprising, diligent, simple and elegant and to share the awe-inspiring stories of ‘love’ behind the portraits taken by Madame Hung, with visitors, photo fans and heritage enthusiasts, highlighting the timeless love and romantic essence in Tai O and the former Tai O Police Station, now being conserved as Tai O Heritage Hotel. The photographs capture the scenes and scents of the fishing village and depict the rich facets of life shown in a treasure reel in five lively themes.

On a date with Madame Hung, visitors are invited to trail through more than 20 participating shops, cafés, stalls, schools and boats located in the small alleys and along the waterways in the fishing village and to be led by Madame Hung to learn about the joy and agility in each photograph and appreciate the mixed colours of life.


Collect Stamps to Redeem the Precious Limited Edition Camera Strap

Apart from the free tour around the village to appreciate the collection of photos, bring the ‘I Love Tai O – Colours of Tai O’ Passport to visit and collect stamps including ‘T’, ‘A’, ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘H’ (T.A.I.O.H. stands for Tai O Heritage Hotel) from the designated participating units to bring home the limited edition camera strap with Madame Hung’s seal at a redemption price of HK$50 (Original price HK$118 and this limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts) and enjoy fabulous purchase privileges such as the Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer at Tai O Lookout on Mangrove Special Drink or Summer Love @ Tai O Heritage Hotel Frozen Drinks Collection (Original price HK$40) upon spending HK$200 or more, or bring home the collectible Tai O Heritage Hotel First Day Cover with one Hongkong Post definitive stamp at discounted price of HK$42 (Original Price HK$48).


About ‘I Love Tai O’ Stamps Collection

Stamp collection and redemption period starts from 19 July until 31 August 2012‧Valid stamps with letters ‘T’, ‘A’, ‘I’, ‘O’, and ‘H’ should be made on the designation page of the passport‧The stamp collection can only be used once for souvenir redemption‧Patrons must present the Passport with valid stamps upon purchase of camera strap The coupon cannot be used if it is altered or damaged Tai O Heritage Hotel reserves the right to alter any aspect of the promotion at anytime in its sole discretion ‧In case of any disputes, Tai O Heritage Hotel reserves the right to make the final decision


Savour the Marine Kids Menu

Come with your family to enjoy the two brand new fun and tasty kids items, “Smiley Vessel” and “Marine Union”, including the Mini Crispy Bun with Marinated Chicken, Dolphin Style Sandwich and Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce. Kids will get an interesting worksheet to learn more about this meaningful heritage conservation project as well as the fishing village.


Toast to Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

Starting from 29 June 2012, try the commemorative ‘The 15’ (HK$65) at the glass-roofed restaurant, Tai O Lookout, and enjoy the panoramic view of South China Sea. Featuring a mix of Tai O’s specialty Mountain Begonia and Shaoxing Huadiao Rice Wine in the auspicious and iconic colour of red, the drink not only gives a refreshing flavour but also conveys the pleasing celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to China.


About Tai O Heritage Hotel (

Tai O Heritage Hotel, graded as a Grade II historic building by the Antiquities Advisory Board, was the Tai O Police Station constructed in 1902. It is now home to nine colonial-style rooms, Heritage Interpretation Centre and a glass-roofed open view restaurant. Running as a non-profit social enterprise, Tai O Heritage Hotel commits to engage the public in bolstering Tai O’s economy, to achieve synergy with other local facilities and to promote heritage conservation, tourism and green living.


About Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation

The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up by the Ng Teng Fong family in March 2008. The primary objectives of the company are to revitalise and maintain heritage buildings, as well as to promote the conservation and appreciation of heritage and historic places and their importance in the life of the community. The management team of the organisation has solid experience in heritage revitalisation and participated in a number of heritage projects in Singapore, including The Fullerton Hotel, The Fullerton Waterboat House, Clifford Pier and Far East Square.