2020 | Tai O Heritage Hotel Cleans Up Tai O Shores with the Community
16 November 2020

Tai O Heritage Hotel, revitalised and converted from the Old Tai O Police Station that was built in 1902 and designated as a Grade II historic building, is committed to promoting heritage conservation, eco-tourism and supporting the community. In an effort to protect the marine environment in Tai O and raising awareness of marine stewardship, 10 participants of the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme joined hands with community partner Eco Marine, some 20 Tai O residents, pupils and staff from a local kindergarten last Friday in cleaning up Tai O shores.


The waters off Tai O are a natural habitat of the Chinese white dolphins and a host of species. The volunteers have cleaned up the shores near Yeung Hau Temple and the hotel. About 150 kg of waste including plastic packaging, plastic containers, glass bottles and construction waste has been collected.


Under the guidance of Eco Marine, the volunteers sorted the waste for further processing, playing their part in preserving the environment and natural resources. The young leaders also took the opportunity to teach the kids about the importance of environmental protection and waste reduction at source, fostering green habits in the next generation.


‘We are glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with the young leaders, community partner and Tai O residents to help preserve the rich marine resources and beautiful scenery of Tai O. We look forward to more collaborations with like-minded partners to support the community while sharing environmental messages with the young generations,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, Director of the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation.


Ms Keilem Ng, Founder of Eco Marine, appreciates collective effort. ‘We value partnership, and are excited to join hands with Tai O Heritage Hotel and the local community on this meaningful service.  In addition to cleaning the shores, we want to raise awareness and promote appreciation of the natural beauty of Tai O,’ remarks Ms Ng.


Operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise, Tai O Heritage Hotel has been working closely with the community. It has participated in more than 100 community programmes, including traditional festivities, cultural activities and community services to support those in need. In addition, the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation initiated the ‘Tai O Stilt House Restoration Programme’ in 2018 to preserve the unique architecture and its distinctive intangible cultural value. Six stilt houses have been restored since launch.