2021 | Tai O Heritage Hotel Celebrates Year of the Ox with the Community
19 February 2021

Tai O Heritage Hotel celebrated the Year of the Ox with traditional festivities in collaboration with representatives of the Tai O Rural Committee and participants of the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme, extending festive joy and blessings to more than 100 senior citizens and kindergarten pupils living in Tai O on the eighth day of the lunar calendar, and wishing the community an auspicious start of the New Year.

Tai O Heritage Hotel, converted from the Old Tai O Police Station built in 1902 and designated as a Grade II historic building, seeks to preserve the historical significance of the architectural gem. Since opening in March 2012, Tai O Heritage Hotel has been operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise with surpluses used to support site maintenance. As a committed member of the community, Tai O Heritage Hotel works closely with the neighbourhood and contributes to eco-tourism.

The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, which operates Tai O Heritage Hotel, launched the Hospitality Young Leaders Programme in mid-July 2020, hiring ten passionate local graduates and providing them with comprehensive training in hospitality, heritage and eco-tourism, including on-the-job training and stints at Tai O Heritage Hotel, with community outreach being an integral part of their training.
In celebration of the Lunar New Year, young leaders joined hands with representatives of Tai O Heritage Hotel and Tai O Rural Committee on traditional festivities. After a lion dance performance by students of Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College, the young leaders presented gift packs of festive goodies to the elderly. The young leaders also visited pupils of Christian and Missionary Alliance Tai O Kindergarten. One of the young leaders got togged up as the God of Fortune while others taught the children to write fai chuns and make traditional handicrafts with laisee envelopes, spreading festive blessings and passing the tradition to future generation.

‘Tai O Heritage Hotel has been actively supporting the Tai O Rural Committee and community services since its opening in March 2012. On behalf of the Tai O Rural Committee, I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation. We look forward to more collaborations with Tai O Heritage Hotel,’ remarks Mr Siu-Ki Ho, Chairman of the Tai O Rural Committee.


‘We appreciate the contributions of Tai O Heritage Hotel over the years, including organising activities for the elderly in addition to heritage and cultural conservation events, and support to the local community. We look forward to working closely together for Tai O,’ adds Mr Loi-Mun Wong, a member of the Tai O Rural Committee.


‘We are grateful to Tai O Heritage Hotel for inviting us to join the celebration and arranging the workshops. Special thanks go to the group of hotel staff members, who have prepared everything to bring us a jubilant and happy experience,’ says Ms Maisy Chan, Principal of Christian and Missionary Alliance Tai O Kindergarten.


‘Tai O Herigage Hotel is privileged to be a member of the Tai O family, and have the opportunity to work closely with community partners since 2012 to contribute to eco-tourism and promote the unique charm of the fishing village. We are delighted to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the most important occasion for the Chinese community, with generations of the Tai O community with traditional festivities, performances and cultural workshops. I would like to sincerely thank our like-minded partners for the great support and colleagues for spreading care and cheers on this blissful occasion, and wish all a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Ox,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, Director of the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation.